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Last week I had said I’d write more about the Penny De Los Santos workshop on creativeLIVE, and it’s taken me a while but here it is. I’ve been waiting for all the stuff in my head to finish rolling around and finally settle so I could then organize it into something that would make sense…

  1. I was inspired… Her love for photography is contagious and refreshing. I get so tired of meeting portrait photographers who see it as a job or chore and they seem to forget why they originally got into photography. From the first session Penny’s enthusiasm was undeniable. If I had gotten nothing else out of it, just seeing someone who enjoys what they do so much was worth it. It made me remember why I LOVE TAKING PICTURES.
  2. I was inspired… Natural light only. YES! HOORAY!! I love natural light, I think it’s the only way to go. Everyone/thing looks better in natural light. So often there’s this assumption that if you’re a “natural light photographer” you just don’t know how to use flash… But thanks Penny for showing the world it’s possible to go without flash.
  3. I was inspired… To do what I love. To remember why I love it. To push myself to be better, and never settle. To believe in myself.

I’m never going to be a food photographer, as much as I love food and taking pictures of it. But I’m so glad I took the time to watch this workshop. I learned some things, and was encouraged more than I ever expected to be. Thanks to Penny and all the creativeLIVE crew that made it happen.


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creativeLIVE Workshop Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the FREE Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos and I’m so looking forward to it! After all I like to take pictures, and I love to eat so this sounds great to me. I’ve always wondered if I spent more time taking pictures if I would spend less time eating…

I hope to post some updates on Twitter and maybe some pictures next week!

Check it out! You can find @creativeLIVE on Twitter and check out submitted photos on the Flickr group (warning: might cause hunger. Eat first…)

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